How do I file a warranty claim for my Serta Mattress?

For mattresses purchased directly from, fill out the warranty form here. Once the claim is submitted, a member of the warranty team will reach out to you directly and instruct you on the next steps.

For purchases made through an authorized retailer, Serta dealers handle warranty claims for their customers using our warranty terms and tolerance guidelines. Therefore, your original dealer should assist you with validating your warranty request.

If the retailer you originally purchased from is no longer in business, or you have moved outside of their servicing area, you can file a warranty claim through our Corporate Warranty team. Feel free to do so HERE - please be mindful that we will need to verify the closure or move and will require pieces of info like your law tags and proof of purchase before being able to assist.

Please be advised you will need to provide your proof of purchase, law tags on the product, and photos of any issues you are experiencing.

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